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SaaS / Software Sales


Driving Sales and sustainable Growth

Selling software becomes more challenging by the day as competition is fierce and strongly pushing into the markets. More and more solutions are being introduced and aggressively being marketed and sold across the globe. Organizations must be well prepared to be successful in such a red ocean environment. The most important part besides a great product is to have a strong sales team and adopt the right sales and pricing strategies. 

GROWSaaS, your Digital Marketing Agency can help you with all including providing our native german highly experienced sales agents for either inside or field sales and much more.

Save time and money and start selling months earlier by letting Grow-SaaS handle your sales in Germany, Austria and Switzerland! Why hire and build a team if you could get access to a pool of native professionals with access to a huge network of potential customers and strategic partners?

As solution sellers, we always build and sell for the long term solution of your client, which is based not only on problem solving by features, but even more includes the relevant geo specific value propositions in the DACH market, it’s unique data protection, legal and product related requirements.

This approach enables us to position your product sustainably in your accounts and allows us even more, to build long term relationships in the teams and departments for upselling and a solid CLV/CAC ratio.


Inside Sales

We push your inside sales around the whole cycle, whether pre-sales, sales or customer success as well as for all industries, for startups, SMEs and enterprise clients!


Our experienced and native german inside sales team can help to sell your solution to the german speaking markets 


Once trained to use and present your software the inside sales team is ready to start getting in touch with sales qualified leads (SQLs) via phone, email and video conference to drive sales by a fraction of the time and money it would cost to hire, build and educate a local sales team!

Field Sales

Field sales, also known as outside sales, refer to the selling of products or services by sales reps outside the office or a formal team environment. Salespeople literally go out into the field to meet with prospective customers. The Covid-19 pandemic will be over or at least controllable at one point and meeting customers face to face will become again important especially if you are targeting the enterprise software market.


Field sales ist a proven tactic especially in the german speaking markets if you plan to achieve higher average sales amounts and build a portfolio of local Fortune 500 clients. Grow-SaaS offers field sales in Germany for your solution. Let our german native sales manager visit and present your software solution face-to-face at the customers premises via live demo, build and nurture relationships and educate current and potential customers.


Sales Consulting

SaaS sales models and strategies, sales forecasting or sales team building are just some of the areas Grow-SaaS can help your organization with. 


Our sales consulting includes:

  • Sales model and strategy

  • Sales forecasting and pipeline management

  • Sales team building and training

  • Geostrategic planning

  • Sales cycle optimization

  • Market specific customer segmentation

Grow your Business with us.

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