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With our Behavior Website Analysis you lay the foundation for Websites that convert!

Understanding how well a website is performing and how visitors interact with it is crucial to create a seamless user experience and a successful customer journey. It is the key to create websites that convert. If it's either a successful purchase, a trial sign-up for your software, a whitepaper download or a demo or contact request. Our Website Behavior Analysis provides valuable insights on the performance of your website, on conversion paths and how visitors engage with your website. It surfaces what works well and what needs to be improved, with the ultimate goal in mind - conversions!

Analyze. Optimize. Convert.

What is the GROWSaaS Behavior Website Analysis?

The GROWSaaS Behavior Website Analysis © is a 30 - 40 page long detailed and comprehensive analysis of a website, its visitors, their behavior and interaction with a website. The goal of the analysis is to derive targeted measures for the improvement of user experience and customer journey.


Imagine the Behavior Website Analysis as a medical check up or hemogram of your web presence. But instead of checking the cholesterol, antibodies or the amount of iron in the blood,


We check your website’s behavioral KPIs like: 

  • Bounce Rate (incl. industry benchmarks)

  • CTR

  • Conversion rates

  • Traffic sources (organic, paid, referral, social, direct etc.)

  • Top landing and exit pages

  • Visitor profiles

  • Goal conversions by regions etc.​​


Instead of a laboratory we utilize Google Analytics, Google Ads, Google Search Console, Google Tag Manager, HotJar and other powerful data tools for our analysis. 


Based on the findings, KPIs, best practices and our experience we summarize the key learnings and give targeted recommendations for action items that help you to improve the website performance overall, with a strong focus on most desired conversion actions like trial sign-ups.

With this analysis we gain valuable insights about the website visitors,the visitor behavior and the website in general in terms of buildup, traffic flows etc.


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What Companies get out of GrowSaaS´ WebAnalysis

What you can expect: 

  • Detailed and comprehensive 30 - 40 page long Web Analytics document

  • PDF File and editable document to share, discuss, extent and work with 

  • Summarized Key Learnings of all chapters as bullet points

  • Actionable Items and Recommendations from our expert team

Chapters of the GROWSaaS Website Behavior Analysis:

  • Preliminary Notes, company introduction and methodological approach


Website Metrics

  • Audiences: In the audience chapter we provide an overview about the audience itself including geographic location, technological devices, systems, demographics, languages, age, gender, interests, etc.

  • Acquisition: In the second chapter of the analysis we look deep into the different traffic sources like organic, social, referral,email, direct, display or paid traffic and how much traffic from those sources is acquired, how it behaves and how conversions look like. 

  • Behavior: The third chapter provides behavioral insights like average session duration, pages per session, bounce rates, new sessions, returning visits, traffic source with most conversions, main behavior page visit flows, most important entry and exit pages and more.

General Website Buildup

  • Website UX/UI: In the fourth chapter we take a closer look at the current web presence of your company. How is the flow of the website, is it natural or are there obstacles hindering conversion? Is the navigation intuitive or cluttered and confusing? Are the information presented complete or are important parts missing? Are important components like CTA’s, social proof etc. used effectively and correctly? Goal of the fourth chapter is to analyze a company’s website buildup, traffic flow and conversion path first and then provide recommendations and suggested improvements.

Analytical and Recommendations

  • Key Learnings and Recommended Actions: Every chapter is concluded with a checklist of the most important key learnings based on the detailed analysis as well as suggested action items - ideal to share with the management or decision makers to agree on next steps.

  • Glossary and Benchmarks

Get a glimpse of the GROWSaaS Behavior Website Analysis © for free here:

Ready for your GROWSaaS Web-Check to drive Conversions on your website?

Arrange a video call with us now to find out more - Non committal. Fast. Free of charge.

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