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How to leverage business development with digital marketing to engage with new customers in German speaking DACH markets

Our Approach

Building trust In order to achieve sustainable success in new markets, PR, digital marketing and sales measures should be interlinked at strategic and operational levels. IT solution providers that are planning a product launch or market entry into the German speaking DACH (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) region face the challenge of building trust in an unknown product or a brand that is not yet established. Communicating a more attractive value proposition to the respective buyer personas is crucial to compete against local and established competitors.

Attract, engage and delight especially for SaaS / online selling businesses digital marketing is a powerful and very effective inbound marketing instrument to drive traffic to the own website, convert visitors to leads, develop them along the sales funnel and finally turn prospects into satisfied customers or promoters on the customer journey. All relevant information converges on the website, which not only provides visitors an overview of the company profile and service portfolio, but also opens up various action spaces to facilitate their information and decision-making process. As a full-service agency, we support international and multinational IT and SaaS software companies throughout the DACH region with all digital marketing measures.

B2B Online Marketing Agentur Deutschland

Our Digital Marketing
Agency Services

B2B Online Marketing Agency Deutschland

Win new customers, increase your signup and trial-to-paid conversions, identify successful conversion channels or simply make your brand better known: GROWSaaS as a Performance Marketing Agency offers extensive data-based, measurable Performance Marketing measures for SaaS, IT and Tech companies. advises and supports companies worldwide or with a focus on the German-speaking DACH market (Germany, Austria & Switzerland) in developing their measurable Performance Marketing Strategy, creating Performance Marketing Campaigns on Google, LinkedIn, XING, Facebook or Bing, in German or English language and also supports with the technical control of the ads, the optimization, and reporting of the campaign results.

Digital Marketing Strategy

The marketing plan is the blueprint for the subsequent marketing activities. It contains the strategic and operational goals, the definition of target groups, characteristics of the target markets, unique selling points (USPs) of the provider and solution, the derivation of the digital marketing strategy, the calculated budget, the catalog of measures, and adequate controlling actions to make the progress measurable and verifiable over time (closed loop marketing).

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We identify the relevant intersection actually searched and of the customer-focused keywords in the DACH region as part of a keyword analysis. On this basis, we define a setup of suitable keyword targets that are split up on the relevant webpages for organic optimization (on-page SEO).

Content Marketing

Content marketing is an important foundation for both search engine optimization / SEO and the entire inbound marketing concept. We use content marketing primarily to specifically address the individual requirements, interests and challenges of the various buyer personas - with blog posts, social media contributions, whitepapers / e-books, newsletters, user reports / testimonials or webinars.

Lead Generation

The declared goal of all digital marketing measures is to generate contacts (leads) and new customers. We support businesses in generating leads and identifying website visitors by implementing calls-to-action at the neuralgic points of websites and landing pages. For example, subscriptions to webinars or newsletters and “gated content” (relevant content offered through web forms) are often used to gather contact data of interested parties in order to get in touch with potential customers.

Social Media Marketing

Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are important social media platforms for getting in touch with target groups and the focused community. Posts tailored to the respective target groups not only attract attention, but also create opportunities for content marketing through direct dialog. By sharing good and target-group-specific posts, social media measures can definitely harbor viral potential and help to increase one's own reach enormously in short period of time.

Video Marketing

Pictures and videos tell more than words. Due to the constantly growing variety of information, users spend less time on information research. Especially for SaaS software solutions and other products in need of explanation, explanatory videos and tutorials are a very effective and frequently used instrument to give users a brief understanding. Audiovisual media formats have a good conversion rate and are the best way to convince users of the functionality, ergonomics or convenience.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is an important tool for developing business contacts along the sales funnel by providing target group-relevant content - geared to the respective phase on the customer journey – to foster decision-making and sales conclusion (keyword: lead nurturing). Segmentation and analysis of click behaviour help to continuously improve the effectiveness of e-mail marketing measures.

Marketing Automation

With the help of marketing automation, we help businesses to automate their email marketing, for example, to distribute relevant content to specific audiences after certain trigger events (e.g., a request for a white paper, clicks behaviour etc.). A personalized message after the trigger event, e.g. to thank the reader for their interest, to draw their attention to further offers or to send a sequence of contextually relevant information, shortens decision-making periods and thus improves the chances of closing a deal.

Search engine advertising (SEA)

Advertising and placing ads on the leading search engines involves variable costs, but can be an effective measure to significantly shorten market penetration and market entries. While many inbound marketing measures require a certain lead time for the desired effects, i.e. due to organic indexing processes of search engine operators, ad placements in search engines can produce traffic improvements without any delay. SEA measures also achieve better results when combined with lead generation, email marketing and marketing automation measures.

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