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Our Process for Progress


How we collaborate with our customers

The world has changed dramatically over the last years, a company's workforce is shattered around the globe working across different time zones out of different countries. 


Working remotely has become the new normal. The usage of online video conferencing tools, project management apps and another wide range of digital tools are widely spread and even the biggest adversaries changed their minds. Collaboration has changed and shifted away from traditional approaches. Unnecessary that also we at make usage of the most effective tools to collaborate with our customers and clients. We appreciate an open and straightforward conversation as we believe in the benefits for both parties.

Digital Workplace and Collaboration
Collaboration approach and process

Our collaboration approach and process

An effective collaboration with our customers and clients is of highest importance to us. Only if easy to use communication channels are available without any hassle for the customer can we ensure that all needed information can flow, misunderstandings are reduced to a minimum, and goals and objectives are achieved. We therefore use best in class video conferencing software, easy to use project management software and only the best and proven digital tools available to execute our work.

General process of collaboration


This is like a typical customer journey at (GS) looks like:


1. Initial video call to introduce ourselves, and to understand the goals, objectives, requirements 

2. GS drafts a detailed quote containing deliverables, timeframes for the customers review

3. Once approved, GS starts their work with the creation of a project board in Trello and invites the customers key personas to be able to collaborate on projects and tasks.

4. Tasks including descriptions and deadlines are created across a specific for the customer created board by a dedicated GS project manager. This person is the first point of contact. This ensures that no tasks fall to the crack and to keep a birds eye view of milestones and progress at any time. It also helps to spot problems or bottlenecks before they become reality and cause trouble. A 24h visibility is guaranteed and the customer can give feedback whenever a task is marked for review, done or even new tasks are created before GS starts working on it.

5. GS invites the customer into our own Slack channel for live conversations, to answer questions, discuss ideas, new tasks etc. if needed. Using Slack helps us to ensure that the customer can always reach us when needed.


6. For further collaboration on documents, plans, sheets etc. our customers and clients get access to our Google Drive folder to ensure that created content goes into the right direction and expectations are met.


7. Depending on the booked package or services, we arrange weekly, bi-weekly or monthly calls to review progress and discuss key findings and recommendations. This is essential to ensure that a project is running smoothly and goals and objectives are met.


8. Once a project is finished we hand over all created content and data to the client - nothing is stored if this is against the customers will - strictly GDPR compliant. Your data is owned by you. 

Our Tech Collaboration Stack 

As mentioned above we use a wide range of digital tools at to ensure we reach our customers goals and objectives and remain a high customer satisfaction:


If our customers do not have any preferred collaboration solutions, the following collaboration stack is used:

  • Communication/Meetings

    • Zoom, Teams, Skype or Google Hangouts for video conferencing, online meetings to ensure effective communication

    • We use Slack to communicate during office hours via live chat

    • Google Calendar to plan meetings, reviews etc.

  • Project Management

    • Trello is easy to use and convenient to handle projects and tasks, timelines, file management and much more

  • Collaboration

    • Google Drive + apps (Docs, Sheets, Slides etc.)

  • Marketing 

    • Depending on customer tools and needs we use several tools for different purposes, such as Mailchimp for email marketing, Hubspot for marketing automation or Intercom for customer interactions

Collaboration Software Stack

You have any questions?

We are happy to help! Give us a call note or write us a brief note.

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