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The Agency is a Digital Marketing Agency providing a short cut for SaaS, Tech- and IT companies seeking entrance to new markets like Europe (EU) or specifically the german speaking markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland (called DACH), without spending a fortune and wasting time.


We cover the full cycle from planning, business foundation up to execution in the areas of management, marketing, pr, sales, legal, taxes, success and support for a fraction of the needed budget and time that would be needed to become present on the markets.


We are one Digital Marketing Agency to handle everything.


How do we work?

As a full service Digital Marketing Agency we work in 4 dynamic phases of qualification, preparation, execution and retrospective to understand execute and optimize in a continuous feedback loop with our client’s expectations.

As well we are using project management tools like Trello, Team gantt and communication software e.g. Slack to create a common vision and goals for the project. Our dynamic approach enables us to bring new ideas and optimizations in real time to results and even more allows us to integrate our management into the internal workflows of our client.

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The GROWSaaS Team


Patrick Wings

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

Patrick was born and raised in Germany, close to the border to the Netherlands and Belgium. He studied in Maastricht, The Netherlands and holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Business with the focus on Strategic Marketing.

With more than 15 years experience in the field of Digital Marketing and with a strong focus on SaaS Business, he is an experienced senior Manager, Team Builder and Leader who built a SaaS subscription business from scratch to an ARR of US$ 3,000,000 and handling marketing budgets up to US$ 2,000,000 per year. During his time as former General Manager, VP Marketing & Sales, Digital Marketing Director he founded units in the DACH region, South Korea and Japan from scratch and built them up to become successful units and winning world class customers like Allianz, BASF, Roche, Amazon, Netflix, Accor Hotels or Disney.

During his free time he loves to travel the world, enjoys cooking and is a huge Retro-Games fan and electronic and 80s music. Patrick is married to a South-Korean woman and lives in Spain and Seoul.


Arno Schambach

Co-Founder & Chief Operating Officer

Arno was born in Hamburg and has lived in the city's metropolitan region ever since. He studied in the Hanseatic city of Lüneburg and holds a diploma in Business Administration with the focus on Marketing & Technology Management as well as Business & Legal Informatics

Arno is an author of several books and publications in various enterprise software fields and has strong a digital mindset for a targeted, cross-channel coherent sales and marketing approach. As a former managing director of a PR, SEO & Marketing Agency specialized in the IT & high-tech industry for 14 years, he brings in a wealth of agency experience and a broad portfolio of best practices in digital marketing, public relations and enterprise communications for SaaS businesses.

In his spare time he enjoys to travel and discover new cultures, plays acoustic guitar, drives motorcycle, practices martial arts called Krav Maga and loves to spend time with his two boys.


Shiv Sharma

Managing Partner

Shiv is a growth marketer with extensive experience in content and product marketing. He specializes in creating jargon-free content and explaining complex concepts with clarity. Shiv had an unconventional start to his career.


After screening Japanese films in Delhi and working as a park greeter at Disney World, he moved to Bangkok and discovered the world of B2B SaaS. Shiv has worked on marketing initiatives with companies like Audi, Sephora, Marriott, Aha!, Atlassian, and Taskworld.


He is the founder of Execlore, a LinkedIn executive branding agency, and content marketing consultant at Modus Create.


A keen student of history, mythology, and languages, Shiv is also an amateur theater actor. He has performed with the National School of Drama, Bangkok Community Theater, and Walt Disney's STAGE cast club.

Tomas_Lehuta (2).jpg

Tomas Lehuta

Head of Technology

Tomas was born and raised in the picturesque city of Bratislava, Slovakia. From an early age, he exhibited a keen interest in technology and computers, which led him to pursue a degree in Software Engineering at the prestigious Slovak Technical University. During his studies, he honed his skills in web design, web application development, and software architecture, setting the foundation for his successful career.


With over two decades of experience in the industry, Tomas has become a seasoned professional in his field. He thrives on finding innovative solutions to complex technical problems, specializing in system integrations and business automations. Known for his meticulous attention to detail, he ensures that every aspect of his work meets the highest standards of quality and functionality.


Beyond his professional life, Tomas has a deep passion for music. During his spare time, you can often find him lost in the melodies of his favorite tunes. Whether it's listening to music or playing the piano or his hand-pan, he finds solace and joy in the world of sound. Alongside his love for music, Tomas has been happily married for over a decade to his wife and is the proud father of two lovely girls, who bring immense happiness and fulfillment to his life.


Joshua Cordero

Head of Customer Support, Happiness

Joshua is born and raised in the Philippines. He is an experienced manager, team leader and team builder with over 10 years of experience in the customer service industry. Josh was able to build mutiple customer service teams across the globe in different timezones for multiple products in the SaaS industry. He also has experience being a product manager who is responsible in setting the overall direction of the product which translated to a 3,000,000 USD ARR SaaS business from scratch. As a former head of customer support and happiness he built customer service teams in South Korea, Japan, Philippines, France, and Germany all working together under one customer support system with above standards customer satisfaction. Josh was also given an opportunity to build and manage a company from scratch in the Philippines as the customer service hub/headquarters for a SaaS company as a general manager.


In his spare time Josh loves to spend time with his family traveling, watch all kinds of movies, play online games, go out with friends, and play basketball. He hopes to see snow someday :) 


Vinayak Sharma

Head of Data Analytics

Vinayak is from the mystical land of India, growing up in the bustling and vibrant capital city of New Delhi, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Engineering and Technology. He first visited Bangkok, Thailand, as a tourist in 2016 and has lived there ever since. He has extensive Analytics Consulting experience, consulting some of the biggest and best-known companies in South East Asia across a wide range of industries: E-Commerce (Lazada, Shopee); Insurance (AIA, Cigna, DirectAsia); Banking (Citibank, United Overseas Bank) and Retail (Central Group, Tesco Lotus). He also has 6+ years of Data Science and Analytics experience, ranging from building and scaling up data teams from scratch for early-stage SaaS startups to heading the marketing analytics team at Thailand's largest telecommunications company. He is also well experienced in helping design and recommending end-to-end analytics solutions ranging from early-stage startups handling a few thousand rows of data to large enterprises dealing with more than a billion rows of additional event data per day.


In his spare time, he loves to play chess, watch historical and sci-fi movies and documentaries, travel the world, and learn new languages. He hopes to one day be able to visit and explore Bavaria and see the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle.


Christophe Leroy

Web Design & Development

Christophe was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, to a French father and a Filipino mother. He spent most of his childhood in France. But France was not his only stop, Christophe during his high school years, spent a year in the Arab Emirates, four years in Vietnam, and now lives in Thailand. Christophe graduated from an International University in Thailand with a bachelor of science in Information Technology.

Christophe is a web developer and designer based in Thailand. As a former product manager and UX designer of a world-leading startup ecommerce platform for custom products for four years, Christophe brings in his learning of how startups start and grow into scaleups. During his time in ecommerce, christophe learned web development, user experience, and design to turn ideas into successful features.

In his spare time, Christophe enjoys spending time with his family between Thailand and the Philippines. But when the creative itch starts, he will spend time learning 3D, concept art, and game development.

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We are offical partner of EXECLORE, which helps B2B leaders create an authentic personal brand on LinkedIn and grow their business. --> Learn more


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