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Customer Support

Account Management & Customer Lifecycle Management

Retain Customers, reduce Churn

Competition is heavy and Software as a Service (SaaS) or IT companies are fighting hard for every customer, market share and to remain those won. For Germany and the german speaking countries, Austria and Switzerland, the quality of software support plays a very important role in the decision making process before purchasing a software. Therefore creating and remaining a high customer satisfaction is a must to be successful in those markets.


As we know from experience how cumbersome it can be to set up a support department, just leave it to us, we take care of all needed steps! Stay ahead of your competition by creating trust in the local market and building strong business relationships with your customers and users.


We offer startups, growing or established companies a wide range of related services in customer support, account management and lifecycle management.


Customer Happiness & Account Management


Remaining customers is key and of extreme importance for a SaaS or IT company. As customer acquisitions costs are on the rise due to increasing competition it is crucial to keep churn low and customer retention high. The happier a customer is the more he can help growing your company. Not only through constant monthly recurring revenues (MRR) but also by achieving high customer lifetime value (LTV) thought upselling - another crucial metric in the SaaS and IT business.

Furthermore, happy customers become your free promoters, helping to get referral customers and taking off steam and pressure from the marketing department.

Customer Lifecycle Management

The SaaS market is on the rise! There is no doubt about that but with this comes along new challenges for SaaS and IT companies - handling the lifecycle of their customers. As we learnt before, acquiring customers is not only time consuming but also very expensive. Customer Acquisition Costs are rising year to year and no business can afford to lose them after paying thousands of dollars. A customer that stays provides monthly recurring revenues (MRR) which is the life blood of any SaaS or IT company. Therefore, managing the Customer Lifecycle is of paramount importance.

The SaaS customer lifecycle includes three stages - acquisition, engagement, and retention. To build a successful business companies need to understand the mindset, priorities, fears and needs of their customers. It is essential to build strategies and in a best case scenario long lasting relationships with your customers with the goal to move them from stage one to retention. can help companies to communicate with prospective and existing customers within their app, or on their website throughout the whole customer lifecycle. We help to build better customer relationships through conversational, messenger-based experiences (outbound emails, in-product messaging, push messages & notifications).

The customer lifecycle management package includes*

Providing high quality software support ensures that questions of not only customers but also potential customers are answered fast and lead to a satisfying solution. Customer support is the backbone of every SaaS or IT business.  It also acts as an important source of information in regards to expected or desired features which helps to become either more competitive or stay ahead of the competition. Support agents report collected feedback and bugs to the development team which helps to strengthen and improve the quality of your software or service.

German and English native, experienced customer success veteran in SaaS industry

Strategy document for the whole lifecycle including tactics for each stage

Copy for engagement messages including triggers for e.g. Intercom

All messages in german and english language written by natives content manager

Engagement messages including triggers in English, French or Spanish language

Setting up all messages in Intercom

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