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Digital Marketing Agency for SaaS Business

The Digital Marketing Agency for SaaS and IT-Businesses

Grow-SaaS is your one-stop Digital Marketing and Business Development Agency to grow your Business online.


Some successful Companies our Team worked with 

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Why work with Grow-SaaS ?

Working with us has several advantages and wherever you're going on your

entrepreneurial journey, we're here to help you get there..


Digital Marketing Agency

for all your needs.

No hassle to deal with multiple companies


Years of collective experience and knowledge in the SaaS Industry you can tap into


Access to an expert team of 6 from different areas of expertise in the SaaS business


Full budget flexibility without a minimum contract length


Languages - We offer our services in German, English and French language

What is Grow-SaaS?

We are a Digital Marketing Agency for international SaaS companies providing a shortcut for SaaS, Tech- and IT companies seeking entrance to new markets like the EU or specifically Germany or the german speaking markets Germany, Austria and Switzerland (called DACH) without spending a fortune and wasting time.

We cover the full cycle from planning, business foundation up to execution in the areas of management, marketing, pr, sales, legal, taxes, success and support for a fraction of the needed budget and time that would be needed to become present on the markets.

Grow-SaaS: Digital Marketing Agency in Germany

Enter the German speaking Markets
together with Grow-SaaS

Digital Marketing Agency for IT and SaaS Companies in Europe and DACH

Have you ever thought of entering german speaking DACH market,
but to never act on it due to complex procedures barriers?
Why stop yourself to a great business opportunity?

Digital Marketing Agency Services

Digital Marketing Agency in Germany

As a full-service Digital Marketing Agency we provide high quality go-to-market strategies for SaaS and IT companies tailored to Germany and/or the german speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland (called DACH) to prepare your market entry, minimize risks, and ensure your success in the long term.

PR & B2B Communications Services in Germany

Trust in product and services are crucial in the IT business. In order to achieve quick success, targeted communication and PR work is essential. As a full-service agency for sustainable go-to-market concepts, we support IT companies in the strategic planning and implementation of successful corporate communications in B2B and B2C environments.

Web Design and Web Development Services in Germany

Digital marketing is a powerful and very effective inbound marketing tool to drive traffic to your website, convert visitors to leads, lead them through the sales funnel and finally turn prospects into customers and sales promoters. As a full-service agency, we support IT and SaaS businesses in all digital marketing measures.

Support and Happiness Services in Germany
Competition is heavy, and software companies are fighting hard for market share and to remain those won. The quality of software support and customer satisfaction plays a very important role in this process. We offer a wide range of related services in customer support, account management and lifecycle management.
SaaS Metrics and Data Analytics Services for SaaS in Germany

The collection of data and the observation of SaaS metrics is central to the success of B2B SaaS companies. Only values ​​that are measured can be improved. Grow-SaaS offers you an extensive range of data analysis options, fully automated dashboards and much more to collect and interpret data and to make the right decisions for your company.

Sales Services & Account Management in Germany
Our experienced and native German inside sales team is ready to sell your solution to the german speaking markets via phone, email and video conference to drive sales and make your German business a success story. 


Case Study

How a world leading Project Management SaaS company conquered the German speaking markets to generate a staggering $50k MRR within just 14 months from scratch.

A world leading cloud-based collaboration platform with customers across all industries all around the globe, was a successful and ambitious startup growing month to month by 2-digits and to that date was mostly present in the english speaking world. To fuel further growth, the senior management decided to open additional regional offices to penetrate new markets in Japan, Korea and Germany - Europe's biggest Software market with staggering growth rates.

Learn, how this company achieved a $50k MRR (monthly recurring revenues) in the German speaking DACH region within just 14 months of time.


Hello, we are Grow-SaaS.

The expert team behind, your Digital Marketing and Business Development Agency, is Arno, Vinayak, Christophe, Joshua, and Patrick. All are bound to each other by a long history and experience in the SaaS and IT industry in different areas of expertise ranging from management to sales, marketing, PR and more. Besides English we speak German and French as well.

Both Arno and Patrick were successful founders of startups in Germany or abroad and have a huge network of professionals all over the globe.

Patrick Wings - Co-Founder of Digital Marketing Agency Grow-SaaS

Patrick Wings

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer


Christophe Leroy

Web Development & Design

Vinayak Sharma - Head of Data Analytics at Digital Marketing Agency Grow-SaaS

Vinayak Sharma

Data Analytics

Joshua Cordero - Head of Customer Support Digital Marketing Agency

Joshua Cordero

Customer Support, Happiness

Vinayak Sharma

Arno Schambach - Co-Founder of Digital Marketing Agency Grow-SaaS

Arno Schambach

Co-Founder & Chief Communication Officer


Felix Kettner



Statements from successful Companies our Team worked with

Ben Hodgson



“The expertise from the GROWSaaS team is very valuable for us in developing and implementing a coherent digital marketing strategy across all web channels. Patrick and Arno were very knowledgeable about our use case and took a very structured approach to the implementation of the tasks. With a willingness to go the extra mile, we have found the collaboration to be very results-oriented and professional. If the need arises, we will be happy to return to GROWSaaS' range of services.”

Grow Your Business with Us.

We are happy to help! Give us a call note or write us a brief note.

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